Léon Tharin

It is determined and ambitious that I left for Arizona in the summer of 2019 to give myself the means to achieve my goal: to have the best possible dispositions and facilities to play in my sport. My name is Léon Tharin, I was born two days before Christmas 2003 and I would like to share with you my passion for basketball.

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, United States (US)

The American dream.

In a few words

This opportunity is wonderful for me. I am a hard worker and look forward to taking advantage of working conditions, know-how and competition to improve and challenge myself. Being away from my family and my Swiss comfort does not worry me.

My goal is to

Thanks to selections made in 2018, I obtained a partial scholarship for 3 years. My goal is to go to high school, then to be committed in a university and then to enter the professional world through the widest door.

Your participation

By supporting me, you are helping a sportsman in your region to live his dream. Your support allows me to pay part of my tuition, insurance, performance sessions and private basketball sessions with the best coaches in order to benefit from the best conditions.

I can guarantee you, it’s that every penny you give will be transformed into torrents of sweat and millions of minutes of commitment. You contribute to my dream, I will give it back to you with my love for this game, with my dreams and my determination.

More about me

First club: USY (Yverdon-les-Bains basketball club)

First jersey: Dwyane Wade, Miami

Fetish number: 1

Favourite player: Collin Sexton ( Cleveland)

5 of legends: Steeve Nash – Kobe Bryant – Dwyane Wade – Lebron James – Shaquille O’Neal

Favorite move: The step back

Music of the moment: “Everything” G Herbo

What I miss most about Switzerland: My family

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I'm sending you a selfie from Phoenix with my best smile.

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I'm sending you a personalized video from Phoenix. Bright weather guaranteed ( it will cheer you up if it gets ugly in Switzerland)

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I'm sending you a postcard from Phoenix with my prettiest handwriting.rn

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I send you three postcards during the year to get fresh news

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You get 3x the bet if I play one day in the NBA and 2x the bet if I play in Euroleague and all my love otherwise.rnrn

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An autographed jersey made of my finest handwriting!

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