The following general terms and conditions of use apply to all services offered by IPP Raise Association through the website (hereinafter IPP Raise Association) and are valid throughout the duration of use of these services. By using our platform, you agree to the terms and conditions set out below.

IPP Raise Association manages the website which allows individuals and legal entities to financially support projects and talents chosen by IPP Raise Association.

You have the possibility to visit projects (visitors), to support projects spontaneously without creating an account (non-registered contributors) or to create an account in order to consult your donation and support history (registered contributors).

Contributors must be natural or legal persons exercising civil rights.

Relationship between project beneficiary and contributors.

IPP Raise is responsible for all projects published on

Projects are selected in accordance with the support policy.

The fact that contributors financially support a project does not give them a right of control over the project. Your contribution is used in accordance with the policy on the use of donations.


The use of is free of charge for visitors, non-registered contributors and registered contributors. To be able to support a project as a non-registered or registered contributor, you must provide your full name and e-mail address.

In doing so, the registered or non-registered contributor may choose to remain anonymous to the project beneficiary or choose whether to disclose his identity. In this specific case, the first and last name of the registered or non-registered contributor appears under the amount paid.

The payment of the amount chosen by the registered/non-registered contributor is made by credit card or payment slip.