At IPP Raise, we take care of your donations.

The use of your donation

The donation you make for one of our talents or projects is not simply transferred to the account of the talent or person in charge, we ensure that your donations are used for the purpose defined in the kitty.

Let’s take the example of a sporting talent who has a pool all year round on IPP Raise. We keep a specific account dedicated to this athlete with each amount paid for him.

As explained above, we do not pay the money directly into his account, but we pay the bills related to his sporting activity.

At the end of the year the balance of the account is carried forward to the following year. If on the day the talent leaves the association, funds remain in the allocated account, this remaining amount is returned to the association and invested in other projects.

The distribution of your donation

Donation for a talent or project: 93% of the donation is allocated for the talent or project in question and 7% for the association.